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Federal Register Highlights – 1/7/13

January 6, 2013

Unpublished, time-sensitive and proposed rules for January 7, 2013:

RULE: We are adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for Eurocopter France (Eurocopter) Model AS350BA helicopters with certain AERAZUR emergency flotation gear container assemblies installed. This AD requires replacing each affected emergency flotation gear container assembly (container assembly) at specified time limits based on the date of manufacture. This AD was prompted because container assemblies with an intended operating limitation of 10 years may not have been replaced because the limit is no longer recorded in the Maintenance Program. The actions of this AD are intended to prevent failure of the emergency container assembly because of age and subsequent damage to the helicopter and injury to the occupants after an emergency water landing. This AD is effective February 11, 2013.

PROPOSED RULE: This document contains proposed regulations that create a new taxpayer identifying number known as an IRS truncated taxpayer identification number, a TTIN. As an alternative to using a social security number (SSN), IRS individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN), or IRS adoption taxpayer identification number (ATIN), the filer of certain information returns may use a TTIN on the corresponding payee statements to identify the individual being furnished a statement. The TTIN displays only the last four digits of an individual’s identifying number and is shown in the format XXX–XX–1234 or ***–**–1234. These proposed regulations affect filers of certain information returns who will be permitted to identify an individual payee by use of a TTIN on the payee statement furnished to the individual, and those individuals who receive payee statements containing a TTIN. Written or electronic comments must be received by February 21, 2013. (To submit comments, visit, reference docket number IRS REG–148873–09.)

TEMPORARY RULE: NMFS reduces the commercial trip limit of Atlantic migratory group Spanish mackerel in or from the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the Atlantic migratory group southern zone to 1,500 lb (680 kg), round weight, per day. This trip limit reduction is necessary to maximize the socioeconomic benefits of the quota. Effective 6 a.m., local time, January 6, 2013, until 12:01 a.m., local time, March 1, 2013, unless changed by subsequent notification in the Federal Register.



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