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Federal Register Highlights – 12/31/13

December 31, 2013

For the last time in calendar year 2013, here are the unpublished, time-sensitive and proposed rules for December 31, 2013. Watch for continuing posts in 2014 and Happy New Year to my readers.

PROPOSED RULE: We are proposing to amend the regulations concerning the importation of fruits and vegetables to allow the importation of fresh blueberry fruit from Morocco into the continental United States. As a condition of entry, the blueberries would have to be produced under a systems approach employing a combination of mitigation measures for two quarantine pests, Ceratitis capitata and Monilinia fructigena, and would have to be inspected prior to exportation from Morocco and found free of these pests. The blueberries would have to be imported in commercial consignments only and would have to be treated with one of two approved postharvest treatments to mitigate the risk of C. capitata. The blueberries would also have to be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate with an additional declaration stating that the conditions for importation have been met. This action would allow the importation of blueberries from Morocco while continuing to protect against the introduction of plant pests into the United States. We will consider all comments that we receive on or before March 3, 2014. (To submit comments, visit, reference docket number APHIS–2013–0016.)

RULE: The FAA is correcting an airworthiness directive (AD) that published in the Federal Register. That AD applies to certain aircraft equipped with wing lift struts. The list of affected airplanes in the Applicability section is incorrect. Several Piper Aircraft, Inc. Model PA–18 airplanes were inadvertently omitted from the final rule; however, those models were included in the notice of proposed rulemaking. This document corrects that error. In all other respects, the original document remains the same. This final rule is effective January 14, 2014.



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