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Federal Register Highlights – 7/2/14

July 2, 2014

Unpublished, time-sensitive and proposed rules for July 2, 2014:

TEMPORARY RULE: The Coast Guard will enforce the 2014 San Diego Symphony Summer Pops fireworks display safety zone on Saturday and Sunday evenings from June 28, 2014 thru August 31, 2014, as well as on Friday August 29, 2014. The brief fireworks displays are scheduled to occur between 9 p.m. to 10 p.m., to coincide with the end of the concert. This reoccurring annual summer firework display event occurs on the navigable waters of San Diego Bay in San Diego, California. This action is necessary to provide for safety of the marine event crew, spectators, safety vessels, and general users of the waterway. During the enforcement period, persons and vessels are prohibited from entering into, transiting through, or anchoring within this regulated area unless authorized by the Captain of the Port, or his designated representative. This rule is effective on June 28–29, July 5–6, July 11–12, July 18–19, August 1–2, August 8–9, August 15–16, August 22–23, and August 29–31, 2014, between 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.

PROPOSED RULE: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing amendments to the national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants (NESHAP) for off-site waste and recovery operations (OSWRO) to address the results of the residual risk and technology review (RTR) conducted under the Clean Air Act (CAA). In light of our residual risk and technology review, we are proposing to amend the requirements for leak detection and repair and the requirements for certain tanks. In addition, the EPA is proposing amendments to revise regulatory provisions pertaining to emissions during periods of startup, shutdown and malfunction; add requirements for electronic reporting of performance test results; revise the routine maintenance provisions; clarify provisions pertaining to open-ended valves and lines; add monitoring requirements for pressure relief devices; clarify provisions for some performance test methods and procedures; and make several minor clarifications and corrections. Comments must be received on or before August 18, 2014. (To submit comments, visit Click here to be taken directly to the commenting page.)

PROPOSED RULE: The FCC’s Incentive Auction Task Force (IATF) seeks comment on the results of a staff analysis on the potential for new aggregate interference in the repacking process and seeks comment on newly released repacking constraint data that uses actual channels. Comments must be filed on or before July 2, 2014 and reply comments must be filed on or before July 22, 2014. (To submit comments, visit Click here to be taken directly to the commenting page, reference proceeding number 12-268.)

PROPOSED RULE: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA or the Agency) is proposing to amend its regulations to revise the list of drug products that may not be compounded under the exemptions provided by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the FD&C Act) because the drug products have been withdrawn or removed from the market after the drug products or components of such drug products were found to be unsafe or not effective. Specifically, the proposed rule would add 25 drug products to this list of drug products and modify the description of one drug product on this list to add an exception. These revisions are necessary because new information has come to the Agency’s attention since March 8, 1999, when FDA published the original list as a final rule. FDA is also withdrawing the previous proposed rule regarding additions to this list (see the Federal Register of January 4, 2000). Submit either electronic or written comments on the proposed rule by September 2, 2014. (To submit comments, visit Click here to be taken directly to the commenting page.)

PROPOSED RULE: The Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration (NCA) proposes to amend its regulations to establish a new program to furnish caskets and urns for the interment of the remains of veterans with no known next-of-kin (NOK) where sufficient financial resources are not available for this purpose. This rulemaking is necessary to implement new statutory authority by establishing procedures to provide reimbursement for privately purchased caskets or urns and to otherwise administer the new program. This proposed rule would implement a portion of the Dignified Burial and Other Veterans’ Benefits Improvement Act of 2012 (the Act). Comments must be received on or before August 1, 2014. (To submit comments, visit Click here to be taken directly to the commenting page.)


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